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Some problems in the process of die-cutting with circular knives

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Some problems in the process of die-cutting with circular knives

The circular knife is an important part of the circular knives machine. In the process of using the circular knives machine, the state of the circular knives has a very important impact on the effect of die-cutting. This article will continue to introduce the causes and solutions of some bad phenomena in the process of die-cutting.

The following is a list of contents

  1. Product loss

  2. Product dirt and wrinkles

  3. Product dislocation

Product loss

There are two main reasons for the problem of product chip loss. The first reason is mainly caused by poor product chips, and the second is caused by local residual glue and adhesion. The main methods to solve such problems are as follows:

Check whether the chip loss is regular (if so, consider the cause of the tool, i.e. whether the tool is broken or passivated);

Whether the cutting is too biased, the glue position is incorrect, whether the material thickness is too small, whether the knife pressure is too small, whether the circular knife support ring and gear are dirty, whether the extraction angle of waste and the extraction force of waste are too small;

Whether the stripping knife is needed for the extraction of waste, and whether the thickness of foam cushion knife is appropriate;

Try other batches of raw materials. When it is found that the loss of pieces is inevitable, it should be produced after obtaining the permission, determining the actual proportion of lost pieces, and supplementing the pieces with the maximum number of lost pieces.

Product dirt and wrinkles

The main causes of product dirt and wrinkles are foreign matter pollution and cleaning in the process of product die-cutting. To solve such problems, we should start from the following aspects:

Check whether the joint is uneven;

Whether the tension before the main material enters the tool is too large, whether the two ends of each pressing shaft are balanced, resulting in whether the product pressure is balanced, and try to use the finished product sensor or minimize the force of the finished product shaft;

Whether the release force of the material with waste is too heavy;

Whether it is necessary to add a sharp tip stripping knife;

Check whether the raw materials have the same problems and whether the transmission shafts in contact with the raw materials are clean;

Whether the knife cushion foam needs to be replaced, whether the electrostatic removal equipment works normally, and whether each pressing shaft is clean;

When the product is found to be scratched, check whether the raw material has the same problem and whether each transmission shaft in contact with the raw material has special tape;

Whether the cleanliness meets the requirements in the environment.

Product dislocation

The main cause of product dislocation is the combination of stripping knife and material. Solutions to such problems:

l When using the stripping knife, the bottom surface of the stripping knife and the upper surface of the support shaft shall be adjusted to keep horizontal as far as possible. The main material shall be slightly higher than that when entering the stripping knife, with an angle of about 15 degrees with the horizontal direction;

l When the raw material is thick, the product must be automatic, and when the finished product is too narrow, a baffle must be added;

l Insert a press shaft or a foam shaft on the back of the tool to locate the finished piece on the bottom paper. The foam shaft should be used in conjunction with the small bending shaft. If the stripping knife is needed in the process and the back of the second knife must be close to the output shaft, the closer the better, this will be very useful for eliminating dislocation.

l Under the premise of meeting the stripping force.

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