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  • May
    Installation and debugging method of circular knives

    ​circular knives are widely used in various applications because of their ability to cut products. This article does not intend to introduce the application of circular knife, but the installation and debugging method of circular knife. This includes several aspects, one is to adjust the parameters of the circular knives die-cutting machine equipment, the other is the loading of equipment and tools, including the precautions for installing the blade, and finally the tool coordination.

  • May
    Some problems in the process of die-cutting with circular knives

    The circular knife is an important part of the circular knives machine. In the process of using the circular knives machine, the state of the circular knives​ has a very important impact on the effect of die-cutting. This article will continue to introduce the causes and solutions of some bad phenomena in the process of die-cutting.

  • May
    Common problems in the process of circular die-cutting

    In recent years, the circular cutter machine has been continuously updated and many functions have been added. For example, in recent years, the more active new function of circular cutting knife, modular function, and the function that a ten station circular cutter machine can be used as two circular cutter machines are the result of the realization of modular function. For example, the new circular cutter machine can cooperate with CCD visual die-cutting function, asynchronous transfer function of circular cutter machine, silk screen printing function of circular cutter machine, etc. In the increasing functions, they are improved based on the principle of die-cutting. As an important part of the circular cutter machine, the circular cutting knife plays an important role in the die-cutting process. This article will introduce the causes and solutions of some bad phenomena in the process of die-cutting.

  • Jul
    Shredder blades based on different slitting methods

    A shredder is a machine that can reduce and shred many different kinds of materials. From general shredders to scrap metal shredders, they are used in many different industries and come in many different designs. Industrial shredders are often used to process materials into different sizes in order

  • Jul
    How to choose the right material for industrial shredder blades

    A shredder blade is a type of knife that is installed on industrial shredders or granulators, which are machines used to shred waste materials such as rubber, tires, wood, paper, polymers, plastics, textiles, etc. Industrial waste shredders are known to play a vital role in the recycling industry. s

  • Jul
    How to sharpen shredder blades

    Even with the widespread use of computers and mobile devices, paper is still essential in most businesses, so the tools for handling it remain important. One of these is a guillotine shredder with a single large blade that can cut paper of surprising thickness when the blade is at its sharpest. As t

  • Jul
    How do I care for my shredder blades?

    Shredders cut paper materials in a variety of ways that are designed to minimize the possibility of paper being put back together. Current shredding methods include shredded, granulated, segmented, frothy, striped, shredded, etc. Regardless of the shape of the paper, shredders rely on metal blades t

  • Jul
    Different types of industrial shredder blades

    A shredder is composed of a set of rotating knife blades, paper combs, and a drive motor. The paper is fed through the middle of the interlocking knife blades and is divided into many tiny pieces of paper. Large-capacity industrial shredders are large, high-performance machines used for powerful shr

  • Jul
    Common serrated knives

    Serrated knives are becoming more and more widely used and useful in our daily production activities. This article will briefly introduce several common types of serrated knives to help readers further understand serrated knives. The following is the list of contentsA brief introduction to serrated

  • Jul
    Serrated Knives vs. Flat Blade Knives

    In recent years, there has been a leap in the popularity of Serrated Knives, and people often compare Serrated Knives and flat-bladed knives and debate the performance uses of Serrated Knives and flat-bladed knives. The author has also made a brief comparison between the two, and this article will d

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