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What are the Serrated knives used for?

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What are the Serrated knives used for?

Serrated knives are suitable for paper industry blades, steel metallurgy blades, rubber and plastic industry blades, electronic industry blades, packaging industry blades, wood industry blades, food industry blades, textile industry blades, and so on. This article will introduce the important role of Serrated knives in the food industry.

The following is a list of contents

  1. A Serrated knife is used as a kitchen knife

  2. Serrated knives for food machinery

A Serrated knife is used as a kitchen knife

When used as a kitchen knife, because the blade is a serrated edge, it will not leave too many bread crumbs when cutting bread. It is very suitable for soft foods such as noodles, cakes and so on. In addition, due to the unique design of the sawtooth, the Serrated knives can also cut juicy fruits with hard skin, such as tomatoes. The juice is not easy to lose, but this knife is not suitable for cutting food with bones or too hard or frozen meat.

Knives are divided into slicing knives, bone chopping knives, dual-purpose knives for cutting, and fruit knives according to their uses. Generally, the cutting edge degree of slicing knife is about 15 °, which is thin and easy to slice. The cutting edge of a bone chopping knife is more than 25 °, with a thick cutting edge and sufficient weight, which is convenient for cutting. The cutting edge degree of the cutting dual-purpose knife is between 15 ° - 25 °, which can cut some small bones such as chicken, duck, and fish, but it is a little laborious for slicing and processing the large bones of pig legs.

Serrated knives for food machinery

Food machinery blades are mainly used in food processing machinery and are often used for cutting meat products, such as frozen meat products, beef, mutton, ham, etc. This product is also needed by food garnish enterprises and other food processing industries. Sometimes, in the process of food processing, there are specific needs. It is necessary to make a circular blade or long strip blade into a toothed blade (toothed blade), such as a circular toothed blade, long-toothed blade, semicircular toothed blade, and other standard blades. These blades need customers to provide drawing dimensions or samples for production. Only when the blade has the characteristics of a long wear-resistant and sharp edge, can the blade be used in the production process. In this way, the blade has the characteristics of a long wear-resistant and sharp edge. Only in this way can the blade have the characteristics of a good wear-resistant and sharp edge.

In the domestic cutting tool industry, food machinery blades are usually made of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, high-speed alloy steel, cemented carbide steel, and other materials. When purchasing, consumers should choose appropriate cutting tools according to the items they need to cut.

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