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Common problems in the process of circular die-cutting

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Common problems in the process of circular die-cutting

In recent years, the circular cutter machine has been continuously updated and many functions have been added. For example, in recent years, the more active new function of circular cutting knife, modular function, and the function that a ten station circular cutter machine can be used as two circular cutter machines are the result of the realization of modular function. For example, the new circular cutter machine can cooperate with CCD visual die-cutting function, asynchronous transfer function of circular cutter machine, silk screen printing function of circular cutter machine, etc. In the increasing functions, they are improved based on the principle of die-cutting. As an important part of the circular cutter machine, the circular cutting knife plays an important role in the die-cutting process. This article will introduce the causes and solutions of some bad phenomena in the process of die-cutting.

The following is a list of contents

  1. Poor product die-cutting

  2. Product die-cutting deformation

Poor product die-cutting

The main reason for the problem of poor product die-cutting lies in the blade, which may be caused by tool damage or uneven pressure. The main adjustment directions are:

First, check whether the pressure of the circular cutting knife is too small, and appropriately increase the pressure of the circular cutting knife;

Check whether there are waste pieces or other foreign matters on the mold support ring or gear and clean them in time, and keep the support ring and gear clean at any time;

When the cutting is poor and regular, check whether the blade is damaged;

When all possible problems are eliminated, the cutting is still found to be poor, and other batches of raw materials can be replaced for commissioning.

Product die-cutting deformation

The biggest factor causing product die-cutting deformation is caused by the tension between material die bases. This kind of problem can be adjusted mainly through the following aspects:

Check whether the tension of raw material or retracting and releasing shaft is too large, and try to adjust different tensions;

Whether the knife cushion foam is deformed and damaged, and whether the thickness and elasticity are appropriate;

Whether the pressing shaft is pressed too low, whether the pressure between the stripping knife and the supporting small shaft below is too tight, and whether the force of the pressing shaft is too large;

Whether the extraction position of the extraction tool is improper and whether the product is crushed;

Whether the waste is completely cut and whether there is residual glue on the tool;

When other problems are eliminated, try other batches of raw materials.

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